Celebrate the 4th of July with your Tamagotchi On!

July 4, 2020

🎉 Happy 4th of July Tama-Lovers! 🎉

Independence Day is a wonderful time to enjoy a long weekend full of food, family, friends, fireworks and of course your Tamagotchi On!

This year we want YOU to celebrate this special day alongside your Tamagotchi character and here are a few fun ways to do so!

Celebrate with Food

A celebration always calls for great food! Instead of going to the fridge to feed your Tamagotchi character, treat them to a yummy meal at the Restaurant. Whether it’s a meal or a snack, your Tamagotchi character will be SO happy!


What better way to celebrate than by traveling with your Tamagotchi character? You can explore your town or travel to other towns, the Tamagotchi On device has so many different locations for you & your My Tama to unlock. The fun never stops! 😍

If you’re exploring your town, you can visit the Tama Shop and buy different items, rooms and accessories like the small drum! It’s the perfect musical instrument to play while celebrating the 4th of July!

After you’ve done some splurging in the Tama Shop, you can go play the Dolphin and Surfing game to win more Gotchi points!

Once your Tamagotchi character is done playing games, take a walk in the park, enjoy the scenery and meet new friends!

Now that you’ve visited your town, how about unlocking other great towns? There are so many amazing locations for your Tamagotchi character to visit and discover!

Depending on which town you unlock you can visit different places within them & don’t forget to bring an item with you so you can play with other Tamagotchi characters! In each of the towns you unlock you can purchase exclusive items, accessories, food and more using your Gotchi Points!

When traveling to different towns, your Tamagotchi character will make so many new friends and learn all about the new places! Your My Tama can’t wait until their next adventure!

Visit the Tamagotchi On APP

To finish the celebration off right, visit the Tamagotchi On APP – there’s so much to see & do! Play games, collect items and Gotchi Points, meet exclusive characters in the park and your My Tama can even marry other Tamagotchi characters!

Now this is what we call the ultimate 4th of July celebration with your My Tama by your side! Don’t forget to stay tuned to our social @Tamagotchi_US for exciting new updates!

We hope you and your Tamagotchi character have the best 4th of July celebration yet! ❤️🤍💙

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