The Ultimate Tamagotchi On Guide

June 16, 2020

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… *drum roll please* 🥁

We’re spilling the tea (metaphorically speaking) and sharing some Tamagotchi hints (without giving away all the fun 😉!)

So let’s begin!


There are so many amazing locations for users to gradually unlock through playing with your Tamagotchi character and we wanted to *hint* at a few ways to get there fast!

Hint #1: To unlock Tama Farm you must visit a certain street TEN times!

Hint #2: To unlock Foodtown, your Tamagotchi character must eat a food item a handful ✋ of times at the Restaurant!

Hint #3: Once you have a third generation My Tama, remodel to a merry-go-round theme and check out what’s going on outside when you get up!  After the visit, you might have a new place to visit!

Hint #4: If you have a My Tama, remodel your character’s room to a 🌟 astronomical theme and then go outside after 🕖 7 so you can start visiting a new starry land!


If you’ve always wondered what some of your Tamagotchi character’s FAV food items are then you’re in luck! Guess these specific character hints to find out which food item they like best. 😋

Hint #5:

Gozarutchi loves eating _______ (Hint: What is on Kappappatchi)

Hint #6:

One of Pompomtchi’s favorite snack is the same color as her face.

Hint #7:

Cherrytchi LOVES drinking a _______

(Hint: Strawberries and bananas makes for the perfect _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ )

Hint #8:

Watawatachi loves eating pasta that are cut into magical shapes!

Hint #9:

Fairytchi is souper excited when dinner time rolls around. Can you guess one of her all time FAV meals?

Hint #10:

“I’ve got a lot of emotional cabbage” says Coffretchi to Mametchi.

We hope you cracked the code to these special Tamagotchi On hints! Visit our website HERE and stay tuned to our social @Tamagotchi_us where we’ll be dropping exciting new hints! Good luck 😉

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