The Best Summer Treats

July 16, 2021

Hey Tama Friends! 💖

Summer is finally here, and vacation or not, there’s no better time to treat yourself. ⛱️ With the Tamagotchi Pix merging worlds like never before, summer treats are no exception when it comes to your virtual pet! 🍉 Time to add a bib to the daily sunscreen routine because it’s time to indulge in the best summer treats with your Tamagotchi character! 😋🍧

Here’s how to get the best summer treats with your Tamagotchi Pix:



There’s no better time than the summer to harvest your own fresh treat! On the Home Screen, swipe to go out to the YARD. Your character can water the tree once a day to help fruit grow. Once the fruit gets big enough, you can harvest and store them in your FRIDGE. If you’re feeling generous, you can even gift your fruit to a friend! How sweet is that?


Order Yourself a Treat

Who doesn’t love to relax on a beautiful summer day? If your character needs a quick treat, go to the PHONE to order FOOD or a SNACK and Nazotchi will deliver it to you. Sometimes the best summer days are when you don’t have to do anything at all.


Cook Up a Summery Treat

We all have our favorite summer treats so why not share that with your character? Use the COOK feature and take two pictures of your favorite summer treats with the camera and put them in the pot. Swipe to stir and your food or snack will be ready!


Check your Notebook

Open your NOTEBOOK to find all of the recipes you’ve already made. There’s no better way to cool down on a summer’s day than with a Berry Smoothie or Coconut Milk. Treat your Tamagotchi character to a special FOOD or SNACK to increase their HAPPY and HUNGER levels.


Enjoying the sunshine with your Tamagotchi character has never been so fun! What’s your favorite summertime treat? Let us know on our social channels @Tamagotchi_US where you can keep up to date on everything Tamagotchi related! 💖

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