Tama Tips on How to Plan for a Virtual Trip!

February 5, 2021

Hey Tama-Lovers! 💗

Welcome back to our bi-weekly blog! Today we’re going to be giving you a step-by-step guide on how to plan for the BEST Virtual Trip with your Tamagotchi character! 🌴

Step 1: Decide which town you want to travel to

The hardest part of planning a trip is deciding where you want to go! For starters, head on over to the boat emoticon in the home screen. By clicking ‘travel to other towns’ you’ll see the list of lands you’ve unlocked!

What town will your My Tama want to visit this time?

Step 2: Make a travel guide

After deciding which land your My Tama wants to visit, it’s time to make a travel guide! The places you can visit within the town depend on which town you are visiting. For example, if you’re visiting the Tama Hotel, you can go to the Garden, the Shop, the Info section & even Propose if your My Tama is an adult and if you’ve met your match!

Pro Tip: Visit the Resort Info for tips on what to do in each town!

Step 3: Shop for all your travel essentials!

Take a trip to the Store in ‘My Town’ and grab all your travel essentials! After purchasing an accessory, your Tamagotchi character can go on the trip wearing it!

Here’s your shopping list: (Please note that your Tamagotchi character has to be an Adult for some of the following items)

☑️ Cap

☑️ Magazine

☑️ Coin Purse

☑️ Head Phone

☑️ Bow

☑️ Scooter

…but don’t spend all your Gotchi points, save some for your trip! Each Town you visit sells exclusive items! 🤫

Step 4: Feed your My Tama before the adventure begins

It’s almost time to take your trip! Before your travels, make sure to feed your Tamagotchi character so that they’re ready for any adventure that comes their way! Whether it’s at home or at the restaurant, make sure your My Tama is nourished before their travels!

Step 5: Enjoy your virtual trip!

It’s FINALLY time! After checking off these steps, it’s time to visit a new town and have the best time with your My Tama! Don’t forget to bring any items you bought during Step 3 to the town you visit! Before heading to the town of your choice, there will be an option to bring an item of with you! For example, if you bring the Scooter, the Tamagotchi character that you meet can play with it! Or you can wear an accessory on your trip! Head to your Item Box before your travels!

Let us know what town you visit on our social channels, @Tamagotchi_US!


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