Taking Care of Your Newborn

November 13, 2020

Hey Tama-Lovers!

We all know raising a Tamagotchi Character is serious business…and it’s even more demanding when your My Tama is a baby! As soon as your Tamagotchi character first hatches, it’s your responsibility to give it all the love and attention possible so it can grow up to be healthy and adventurous!

Today, we’re giving you tips and tricks on how to properly take care of your newborn Tamagotchi character!

Frequent Feedings

Just like human babies, Tama babies need to be fed….A LOT! 😋They get super hungry and need to frequently eat Baby Food & Baby Cookies so that they have the energy they need to grow! Make sure that you’re feeding your My Tama just the right amount! By checking their Happiness Level and Tummy Meter in your Profile you’ll be able to decipher just how much food they need!


Our Tamagotchi characters love their bathtime! Keep your Tamagotchi character squeaky clean and be sure to give it a bath a few times a day! A clean My Tama makes for a happy camper! 🛀


Every My Tama needs their playtime! Since newborn Tamagotchi characters aren’t able to explore their town and travel to other towns yet, you have to find other ways to keep your My Tama happy and entertained!

Go to your Item Box to play with the Bear. It will be your character’s FAV toy! 🧸🧸

Our Tamagotchi characters love to clean their living room! Use the Vacuum, also in the item box and your My Tama will clean their space.

Take a photo!

Capture the moment so the memories can last forever. These photos will be saved in your Diary. 📸📸

By following these tips and tricks on how to raise a happy newborn Tamagotchi character, your My Tama will go on to live a fun and adventurous life exploring all the Tama-World has to offer! 🌎

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