Summer Activities with your Tamagotchi On!

July 31, 2020

July is coming to an end and we’re still in full on summer mode 😎

If you’re looking to spend some more time with your My Tama but are running low on ideas…we’ve got the answers for you!

Outdoor Activities:

Play Outside – Just like us, it’s important that our Tamagotchi characters get some fresh air! Between the ball, the flying disk, the racket and the scooter, your Tamagotchi character certainly has enough to keep them busy for hours. You can even bring these items with you when traveling to other towns! 🎾 🌞

Visit the park – Our Tamagotchi characters love exploring their town! Bring your My Tama to the park where they will get to meet other Tamagotchi characters! Your My Tama will get to enjoy the scenery while also meeting and playing with their Tama-friends! 🥰

Shop for a new summer wardrobe:

A new season is the best excuse to freshen up your wardrobe and who doesn’t love to shop?! My Town is a great place to ‘shop till you drop!’ Now’s the time to switch up your Tamagotchi characters look with some FAB, new accessories. From hats, to bows, to headphones, The Tama Store has it all! With endless shopping sprees your Tamagotchi character will be looking AND feeling their best this summer! 👛

Make time for playdates:

It’s the perfect time to connect your Tamagotchi On device with your family’s devices. Your Tamagotchi characters can play games, visit towns and even exchange presents!

When the playdate comes to an end, don’t forget to send a special note letting them know you can’t wait to play again! 💌

If you have additional ways you like to spend time with your Tamagotchi character during the summer, let us know on our social channels @Tamagotchi_US ! We love hearing from you ❤️

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