Rainy Day Activities

April 16, 2021

Hey Tama Friends! 💖

They say April showers ☔ bring May flowers 🌼, but until things start blooming, it can be easy to start feeling a little soggy. Luckily, we’ve all gotten quite used to entertaining ourselves indoors, now it’s time to show our My Tama how to make the most out of staying home!

Here are some of the ways you can keep your My Tama happy at home:

Redecorate its room

Sometimes all you need to switch things up is a change of scenery! Use your Gotchi points to buy a ROOM from the STORE to redecorate your My Tama’s room.

Have a friend over

Now that your place has gotten a refresh, it’s time to show it off! In your home screen, select the CONNECTION option on both you and your friend’s devices. Select TAMAGOTCHI, and then PLAYDATE. Point the devices at each other and press B.

Have a spa day

Time to unwind! Take your My Tama to the bathroom and select BATH to make your Tamagotchi character squeaky clean for their next adventure. 🛁

Eat a good meal

Fill your My Tama with food and happiness! Select the FRIDGE option and give your My Tama a yummy meal and snack. HINT: Some SNACK items will increase both the happiness level and tummy meter!

See? Being stuck at home isn’t so bad!

What’s your favorite activity to do? Let us know on our social channels @Tamagotchi_US where you can keep up to date on everything Tamagotchi related! 💖

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