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Tips to find out favorite items and foods!

November 21, 2020

🌟 🍬 = ??? Can you guess what one of Unipegatchi’s fav snack is? 🙀



November 11, 2020

“Thanks for always pudding up with me!” Korobattchi says to Majoritchi  💜🌟 Can you guess what one of Korobattchi’s FAV dessert is?  


October 20, 2020

“Do-nut worry, be happy!” Memetchi says to Mametchi 💗🍩💗


October 12, 2020

Can you guess what one of Lovelitchi’s FAV food is? 😆 We’ll give you a hint…it’s a type of soup!


September 18, 2020

To 🔓 the Salon change your Tamagotchi characters _ _ _ _ _ ✌️ in the same stage! (child, teenager, adult) Can you fill in the blank and figure out how to unlock Salon Town?! 💆


September 8, 2020

 🍋😍 “You’re my main squeeze!” Nijifuwatchi says to Mametchi Can you guess what her FAV snack to eat is?!


August 18, 2020

Can you guess what Kikitchi’s FAV meal is?!  😱 🍚 + ⚽ = ???


August 11, 2020

Mametchi on his way to the restaurant like….’I’m so egg-cited!’ 🍳 🤗


July 21, 2020

Pompetichi loves eating candy in shapes of something in the solar system 🤩🍬🌟💛 *hmm*


July 13, 2020

Mametchi: You’re the ______ of my eye! 💕👀😮💭


June 30, 2020

Which do you think Mametchi ❤️’s the most: The Tama Sub, The Rice Ball or Stew?


June 23, 2020

Fairytchi’s favorite snack is soft and chewy! *hmmm*


June 5, 2020

  • To unlock Tama Farm you must visit a certain street TEN times!
  • To unlock Foodtown, your Tamagotchi character must eat a food item a handful ✋ of times at the Restaurant!
  • Once you have a third generation My Tama, remodel to a merry-go-round theme and check out what’s going on outside when you get up!  After the visit, you might have a new place to visit!
  • If you have a My Tama, remodel your character’s room to a 🌟 astronomical theme and then go outside after 🕖 7 so you can start visiting a new starry land!
  • Gozarutchi loves eating _______ (Hint: What is on Kappappatchi)
  • One of Pompomtchi’s favorite snack is the same color as her face.
  • Cherrytchi LOVES drinking a _______ (Hint: Strawberries and bananas makes for the perfect _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ )
  • Watawatachi loves eating pasta that are cut into magical shapes!
  • Fairytchi is souper excited when dinner time rolls around. Can you guess one of her all time FAV meals?
  • “I’ve got a lot of emotional cabbage” says Coffretchi to Mametchi.


  • You can catch Violetchi playing in the park wearing her favorite crown 
  • ‘You’re tea-riffic!’ says Kikitchi to Memetchi 🍵
  • Kuromametchi’s favorite accessory is perfect for showers!
  • The key to Pizalinatchi’s heart is to have a slice of ❤️  _______ a day!
  • ‘Churray, it’s time for dessert!’ says Kuchipatchi
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